Thursday, December 8, 2011

Palo Alto Online : Paly students honored for community service

A Small Representation of Palo Alto High School's 162 Fall 2011 President's Award Recipients
Are there any other schools out there that run a similar program to ours at Palo Alto High School? What a cool job I have to document, verify, and share our students' service hours--with the essential help of our dynamic parent volunteers. About a third of our student body is actively involved in community service. I am so proud of our students' contributions, they make the world a better place while pursuing their interests and passions! Go Vikings, keep me smiling every day with your good works.

Palo Alto High School's Service-Learning Program
  • Living Skills Course (mandatory) Requirement: 15 service hours during class enrollment. Written reflection required by teacher.
  • Transcript Recognition (voluntary): Minimum of 100 service hours documented by mid-September of student's Senior year. Reflection required by Career Center.
  • President's Award: (PAHS is a certifying organization, sponsored by the Corporation for National & Community Service): Minimum 0f 100 service hours documented in 12 calendar months. 2 Award ceremonies, with over 200 student recipients each school year. Paly application deadlines, first Friday (school day) in October; first Friday (school day) in April. Written 1-2 page reflection required by Career Center.

Read some of our student's past reflections on service in Get Involved, Paly. Thanks to a generous grant from the Palo Alto Community Fund, the next edition is in the works.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Small Wish List Makes a Big Difference In East Palo Alto

My name is Monique Graves and I am the founder of, Lauren's House 4 Positive Change. We are a small nonprofit in East Palo Alto that uses the arena of education and sports to inspire and build character in the youths that Lauren's House serves.

We are looking for sponsors for our wish list:
(5) footballs, (2) basketballs (3) baby dolls (10) gift cards to Wal-Mart or Target to buy shirt and pants, (2) Scooters (5) Jamba Juice Cards and (2) Jackets (5) Games i.e.Twister, Mancala, Uno etc
This year Lauren's House is trying to give back to those that are less fortunate then the underprivileged youths.  The kids have been diligently working on bracelets and cards for the Seniors and Death Row inmates. For some this is the first time that they have experienced Christmas.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Monique Graves, Chief Executive Officer
994 Beech St
East Palo Alto, CA 94303
Tax I.D. 26-3809833
I am Fearless
I am Awesome

I am, Lauren's House 4 Positive Change Inc.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Lauren’s House 4 Positive Change is to prepare low income and or homeless youths between the ages of 7-18 in San Mateo County for success in life. We expose our clients to educational opportunities, the arts, culture and community service to demonstrate the beauty and possibility of their lives despite hardships.