Monday, June 15, 2009

Nurturing Works to Live By

The end of the school year, graduation, and summer bring new beginnings with restfulness and growth. Gardens are planted with seeds that require delicate care to produce delicious fruits and vegetables, alongside flowers to color our world. Whether we work to till the soil or merely appreciate those who do, it’s a wonderful time to replenish our souls.

In conversations with my children who are teens and early twenty-somethings, I wanted to see if they were equipped with some tools to nurture their spirits and cope with the pressure that will begin to build again in the fall. After many of life’s blows, I knew what tricks I used to comfort myself, but I was not exactly sure if I had a handle on my children’s methods. A quiver full of these little treasures, practiced regularly, will fend off storms and trials when the seasons change. Better yet, an attempt to soothe one’s own soul can make a difference in the life of another, for a double-good effect!

My Children's List (each with a Good Work twist)...

Feel Better Yourself.....Make a Difference for Someone Else

  • Listen to your favorite music.....Make a CD of your favorite songs for a friend or acquaintance
  • Cuddle with your pet....Take your pet to a rest home for a visit
  • Watch “Finding Nemo:” Learn it and love it.....Remind someone who’s having a bad day to "just keep swimming!” (Dori’s line)
  • Get rid of all your extra change via Coinstar.....Take someone to lunch with your spare change
  • Hang out with positive people, even if you don’t feel like it.....Try to find someone who’s having a harder time, and hang out with him or her (hint: there will be someone at the local hospital or shelter)
  • Do your hair.....Offer to help your brother, sister or friend with their hair
  • Organize your closet or drawers.....Surprise your mom or dad by organizing for him or her
  • Take a bubble bath.....Give someone else a break so they can take a bubble bath
  • Clean.....Clean up after someone else, even if it’s not your mess (no complaining)
  • Take a walk.....Walk to a neighbor’s house for a visit
  • Read a good book.....Give a good book to a friend (tie a ribbon around as a gift)
  • Eat your favorite food (in moderation).....Deliver your favorite food to a friend or neighbor (anonymous is okay)

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