Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Service & Random Acts of Kindness Week

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Happy Valentine's Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week
This world is hard on everyone, rich or poor, famous and fortunate alike.  I love this KSL article/blogpost by writer Katie Lee: "What if we said every good thing that came to mind?" It reminds me of my 2009 Palo Alto Online article/blogpost "Stop, Look, and Listen."
Did you know it's Random Acts of Kindness Week? We can never say or do too many niceties, on Valentine's Day or any day. In my experience, there is no greater service, no amount of money that can outdo thoughtfulness or kind words towards another person in our midst. I was impressed by hearing about the heartwarming gesture of my son-in-law, Mike, as I talked to Sheridan on Facetime this morning. Her young husband took the day off from his job as a medical center electrician, in order to make breakfast in bed for her and to help out at home. How thoughtful is that?? 

To spread kind deeds and loving thoughts today and every day, think of a small or large, simple or sweet act of service that you can do for a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or perhaps a passerby. As we share kindness, it comes back to us tenfold. Click on the stories above or links below to share the hope found in good works, for Valentine's Day and throughout the year!   

And granddaughter Braelyn is, too...
My niece Mackenzie is spreading sweetness today!

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