Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The older I get, the less enthusiastic I become about celebrating my birthday. Most of us are this way. If we don't acknowledge another candle on that cake, then we're only as old as we feel, right? But Jenny is the secretary at my work, and she will not allow any of us to be in denial about our birthdays. To her, it's one more reason for a celebration! And it's no small celebration, either. The entire department is invited weeks in advance of the occasion for the monthly birthday gathering. We are all requested to participate heartily with food, drink, decorations, singing, and the works. It's a fun half-hour or so, where we middle-aged kids get to be self-absorbed like teenagers--and we love it. Today, not one of us felt any shame at munching away an entire plate full of carb-laden treats at the party Jenny arranged.

So here's to all the Jenny's of the world, for whom life presents endless opportunities for celebration. She helps all of us who are lucky enough to be around her feel young at heart.

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